if I exist in a place with golden hillsides
others exist in a place of industrial detritus
asbestos rimed lungs and eyes soaked in copper
indicative of deeper things: veins of coal and natural gases
methods of extraction not unlike correspondence
a theory of truth, the relationship between one like thing
and the world around—
            fires burning for decades
            lit matches, experiments
            places where spiders
            burn alive
—this natural assumption, emptied caves
and abandoned bones of Jurassic systems
all rusted and broken, a necessary condition
would being the main verb, the interchange
of universality in meaning
stripping overburdened seams, parsing a pattern
disposing and dispossessing
            oil fields more valuable than snowpack


Andrea Spofford writes poems and essays, some of which can be found or are forthcoming in burntdistrict,The Portland Review, Sugar House Review, Revolver, Vela Magazine, Composite: Arts Magazine, Puerto del Sol, Redactions, and more. She has chapbooks available from Dancing Girl Press and Red Bird Chapbooks and her first book, The Pine Effect, is available from Red Paint Hill Press. Andrea is poetry editor for Zone 3 Press and lives in Tennessee. You can find Andrea online at http://andreaspofford.com and on Twitter @andspoff.