Which came first: the casket     or the open baggie
of Hotness     The egg      or the scalded chicken
atop his neck     Uncle done pawned his pearly
expanse of living    Pappy’s old chest of drawers
Warp and ruin    I loved as much squished as you will
receive this lifetime or that lifetime when you pop
back into the universe    Carried out right here
the tasks—exercise equipment once doing the burning
of the buns, forget-me-pleases buried deep by momma
Gift back to the dirt patch    I’ve given you all    I’ve given
you colored pencil doodles regarding this Hotness
The sketch was to be tasteful but is not    The authored matter
was to be cozy and neat but is not    Nonetheless
the wilted commands—the crooked get back uncrooked
the unsold get bought    I write the nervousness     Is not over    
Is given out at the K-Mart    Lopsided fences on the edge
of the diorama    That he wished the spectacles to be seen by
every man and woman and baby and me in deliciously flat hats
We begged     Squinch your face!    The mirror always in process
Being delivered     Not has been delivered     Is delivering the following—
unwell grumps on stoops     Unquestionable miracle bouncerbackers
stoic and in nice t-shirts     One day the folks’ll be like we witness
and more    More formerly cool timers on porches with their tweaks    
Done got hot    Done got dirtballed whine bucketed making bad
magic with their hands     This is all exactly the same as the thick
book prophetted     Nearly a lot     Often overflowing    Like inside
the case you got your sad horn in     The sheen once reflecting get-ups    
Now reflecting this increase in life boils     how POW seams done got unsewn


Tyler Gobble is the scruffy half of Stoked, a multi-hat wearer for Magic Helicopter Press, and party-ghost-in-residence for Vouched Books. He has plopped out four chapbooks, most recently 48 Pornos (Safety Third Enterprises, 2013), and his first full-length, More Wreck More Wreck, will be out from Coconut Books next year. He likes disc golf, tank tops, and bacon, and yes, in that order. More at