How Much Water Sinks the Dream Boat


You think I'm so 


it's outlandish

it's like

if I am on the ocean

then I am in a boat

in the middle

I change ships

I'm still me

in this wet sweater 

and drowning 

in thoughts

like a kangaroo

on fire I jump 


and flail myself 

into a sleep 

that still insists 

I know you


The Constellation


love finds you

in the woods

when you aren't

even looking

for the blue balloon

a child lost

it is part

of the sky now

another sincere cloud

a pilot must tear through

with his face

under the constellation


lost in the dark woods

we can't see you

did you hear the pilot

has a face

it hurts him

but does not find us

at night

something nudges

the constellation

but what

not the balloon

what it holds



Ted Powers lives in an attic in Massachusetts. Other poems of his appear at Strange Machine, GlitterPony, iO, Sixth Finch, and Jellyfish.