The End of Dork Swagger


We have different ideas of forbidden.

Lamentations and lip-gloss.


Halloween again and again

Another night dressed as


Someone from Leviticus.

The Law is to keep you


From doing what you

Desire most.


There are so many trees.

How creepy all these trees backlit.


A forest of neglected feelings.

Run deeper.  Feet falling.



Month of a mother. October


Death of a sister. Nothing

But our dark shines as


We tree weave costumed

For life accompanied by detuned


Banjoes and an imagination

Of what it means to be


Free.  Misfits t-shirt and

Menace of murder. We


Miss our brothers and sisters.

But are too shy to die in the night.


Sister (Two)


&            it             of                                                           or      our     isn't


                                           say that




another way

would be


                                                         to reclaim                           





say                           some                                 things                   never



it/ or/ us                                           to/ be/ not                        for/ is/ which



                                              sister, sister.                            dear


dead one,




                                                                           now/ deep/ beyond


today/ would/ have

                                                                     happy/ such & such


                seeing/ is


                                             day/ distance


dear dear                                                                          what/ now


                                 absence/your/absence                 is 


Steven Karl's chapbooks have been published by Peptic Robot Press, Flying Guillotine Press, and H_NGM_N. His most recent chapbook is a collaboration with Angela Veronica Wong titled, Don't Try This On Your Piano or am i still standing here with my hair down (Lame House Press, 2012). He is an editor for Coldfront Magazine, Sink Review, and a guest editor for Immaculate Disciples Press. He lives in Miami.