from Shut Up & Bloom




I like how Iím still not

dead, a would-be friend, a

still not finished orgasm, a fan

of your face, a gone, gawky,

glorious gift too real to kill

you, to go on killing you.




My muzzle is bleeding all its

beautiful and warm and wet stuff.

For as long as I have

been broken itís been this way.

Everything I say makes ghosts

into something this world can love.




My safe word is 'don't stop,'

so show me your rabid rabbit

heart. No mercy. No surrender. No

love lost. Thirsty and wet and

double-jointed, I earn my living

living this life that I rule.




My analysis: itís time to do

anything else. I fight and I

fight for the old friends left

in this life. In their names

I will live like a goddamn 

diamond someone died for far away.


Ben Kopel lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the author of a chapbook, BECAUSE WE MUST (Brave Men Press), and his full-length collection, VICTORY, is forthcoming from H_NGM_N Books in Spring of 2012.

 Matthew Suss lives and breathes in Amherst, Massachusetts. It came from Maine.