Got Off with a Warning while Under the Influence of Grief

channels I

canít wear

down curates

winter feeling

nothing yellow

oily slip bridges


I indent lifespans

vetted sunflowers

with no red or red

drugs and fear

I so fucked now up

I tuck my heart

stopper pocket

mouth throbbing

wake to pick you

back sorry


a box slit black

I dress sinew

holler little

for help


Shareen K. Murayama lives, teaches, and writes in Honolulu with the loving support of her family. She received her Master's in Creative Writing at OSU Low-Residency Program. She has published poems in Bamboo Ridge, The Gambler Mag, Toegood Poetry, and Phoebe. In August 2015, Shareen was selected for the Home School, where she worked with Harriette Mullen. She was also awarded a National Endowment for Humanities to study Asian American Film and Literature in NY, and a Spring Creek Project Collaborative Retreat in 2015.