when i was watching the Olympic gymnasts performing feats of insecure madness

like waiting
for a water bottle

to fill in the dark,
pausing to reconcile

a trainís surge
past its obligatory station.

for a thing to betray itself,
we might name it

another thing but
that does not get us

closer to what it
has become.


Michael Prihoda was born and has lived various places in the Midwest. His creative publications can be found in journals across the web and in print. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net Anthology and is the author of the poetry collections In Another Life, Maybe (Weasel Press, 2015), Hear (Sein Und Werden Books, 2015), and The First Breath You Take After You Give Up (Weasel Press, forthcoming 2016). In addition, he is the founding/managing editor of the experimental literary journal and small press After the Pause. Read more of his work at michaelprihoda.wordpress.com.