A small village on Sicily’s north coast has been plagued by mysterious fires. Even suitcases
are fires in this village. All the suitcases can’t be trusted. The trouble began in January when
a TV caught fire. The TV caught fire and the watcher was like, “that’s not a song.” Then
things in the neighborhood houses began to burn, including washing machines, mobile
phones, mattresses, chairs and even the insulation on water pipes. The water was going to be
on fire soon too. The carbon scroll is a useless lens. The electricity is a muse. The music is a
company that likes you. The electricity company cut off all power thinking this was it. But
there were still suitcases. Experts of all kinds carried out tests but nobody is a hill. The
village was evacuated in February but when people returned in March the fires resumed. A
small echo in a tree wasn’t heard by anybody.


Kyle Peets is a Visual Artist living in Oregon.