1081 nautical miles and i want to ask you

After Hernan Bas’ “The Giant’s Watering Hole”

what is distance besides finding horse faces in the clouds and knowing you can see them too. omniscient is my head in the sky. omniscient is my nipples hardening because there’s always an ice storm this high up and i can see you from here. omniscient is sometimes the enemy and my grandfather’s favorite book was the old man and the sea. my mother told me that was all about loneliness. and because i’m scared to be lonely and you find hemingway boring, i’d rather watch you sail. i know you’d stitch your body into a bright flag. i know you’d wolf-bite your nails into paddles and poseidon would gossip to his sirens that he’s never seen anyone quite like you. i know you’d turn your face to the sky and i would tell you everything; i’d say: when you chap from sea salt i’ll turn my mouth into a faucet and rain for you. when you say glory, i’ll say amen and finger fuck the clouds, weather wrapped in my palms as gift. when you ask the distance between you and me: costal, tidal, a grotto filled to brim with the way it feels to touch someone new. 


Kayla Rae Candrilli is an associate editor for NANO Fiction and the non-fiction editor of the Black Warrior Review.  Kayla also answers to Kayleb, and is published or forthcoming in Rattle, Puerto del Sol, Booth, CutBank, Muzzle, Cold Mountain Review, and others. You can read more of their work here