for egress

            bloodferns flood the musculature, those nervehalls.
            striking making the intestinal tract tremble.
            the morningstar brightens the inner work by darkening skin.

            an asp of arrows forms a colourbridge overhead.
            pagan boughs to barrel downstream (having fallen)
            before the entity clad in mirrors, chanting stars.

            opposing tableaus of kidneys, lungs, innerorgan
            innerworking pulses that never meet in mirrored movement:
            the buried movements will not match.

            to have met before on the surface of each other
            where the orifice is the corridor − oracular − the emissions:
            matching clouds that say the same thing with same signs.

            something is moving through the drowned complex
            mineral patterns plot the mild mould of talons
            the air burns a mouth full of sound of sea.

            it is seen in the bottom of the valley. Slopes
            bear their hair dresses to bare the darkmouth widens.
            One leaves a boat to approach, to be swallowed.


Jun K. Lee is a writer and visual artist living somewhere in Canada. He writes poetry, screenplays, writes/draws comics, and paints. His work has been published, exhibited, or screened throughout Canada and the US as well as internationally, including in Denmark, the UK, India, and Spain. He favours bears, trees, ecclesiastical hand gestures, and spells. You can view his work at: