The Story So Far

Dovetail to the two of us on an island country
Slowly disappearing from rising sea levels
Pushing everyone into living on top of each other
Then one night while still daydreaming
A meteor shower explains nothing so carefully
We vanish compressed
By a loss of sensation
Dissolve to the best scene in modern cinema
As one critic explains it awkwardly
Our stand-ins have appeared as characters themselves
Looking around knowingly in wigs slightly askew
A streetlamp falters to the sound of a dissonant soundtrack
The word FIN appears clumsily out of nowhere
Hangs by the edges of its nondescript font


Armando Jaramillo Garcia was born in Colombia, South America and raised in New York City. He attended Hunter College and currently works as a photo industry professional at a science and medical agency. Prelude Books will publish his debut collection of poetry, The Portable Man, in 2017. His work has also appeared recently in The Boston Review, Prelude, Horse Less Review, TYPO, Queen Mobís Teahouse and others.