The wind on the window says something we think
we can understand.

Those trees will be down by June. We donít have to answer just yet.

Thereís time.

There is time to stumble around your house half-dressed and alone.

Time, still, to walk outdoors, half-alone and quarter-dressed
and a quarter drunk.

We hear the wind, and it says to us, These garments are threads. Such lovely threads.

And we reply, threadbare, What garments?

Those, it winds.


Erin J. Mullikin is the author of two chapbooks: Strategies for the Bromidic (Dancing Girl Press) and After Milk & Song (SC Poetry Initiative). Her poems and book reviews have appeared in magazines such as Coldfront, BlazeVOX, GlitterPony, Spork, Birdfeast, and Beecher's. She is the editor-in-chief for Salt Hill Journal and co-founder of the upcoming small literary press, Midnight City Books.
David Wojciechowski lives and dies in Syracuse, New York where he is a founding editor of the online journal NightBlock, and the small press, Midnight City Books. His poems have appeared in Bateau, Better: Culture and Lit, iO, and Meridian among other places.