I Am A Natural Wonder


Watch me be so atomic

with these handfuls.

I'll put some history into it.

I'll offer you the tip of it.

When I say this is all polar

I mean I squashed the real live giants.

That you'll think to grieve when we

are now in space. That there is no way

to stop this half flood. This flowering

old man in a fountain.

I'll split it all right into tenths,

then leave.


I Am A Natural Wonder


And on a similar note I

am up to the attic in strides.

I am putting on these belts all

loose. I am suspecting

to open space is a trick.

I promise in the morning

I will appear as if from a thicket.

I will say how the house

is elevated. How I can think

split-level like I'm trained for it.

So many closets I am

up to my neck in.


I Am A Natural Wonder


Coming at you like a slew

of movie trailers. Attractions.

Lately my biggest

accomplishment is looking so

human. I do what most girls do—

stop shaving just above the knee

—but my eyes see the multitude

of your faces. On Tuesdays

I like to peel my skin back

a little and sometimes

there’s ink underneath.


Anne Cecelia Holmes is the managing editor of jubilat. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in SUPERMACHINE, notnostrums, and La Petit Zine. She lives in Northampton, MA.

Lily Ladewig's poems have appeared in Conduit, H_NGM_N, Denver Quarterly, Salt Hill, and SUPERMACHINE. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.