The object being seeked

Do I object to windows, boats, scarves: pieces that could catch on the wind?

In pattern + variation, a pattern.

Who was known first, who would find the water bearable, the sun, the cliff?

Women are constantly at work.
Listening is interesting, and sound offers a new net of feeling.

Fur to thread, thread to fabric, ground to threshold, tree to chair, it is alchemy.

What is it that hens have to complain about?

New birds in the yard. Too much fruit. A poem that opens out

of a fallen other.


Genevieve Kaplan is the author of In the ice house (Red Hen Press), winner of the A Room of Her Own Foundation‘s poetry publication prize, and three chapbooks. Her recent poems can be found in Denver Quarterly, New American Writing, and Copper Nickel. She lives in southern California where she edits the Toad Press International chapbook series, publishing contemporary translations of poetry and prose.