There is a mess I have to live with, the
dross of a coalhill
someone might mistake for what I meant to
take with me.

When, at the time, there were two of
everything, what I took
was half exactly. In the shed, in the deep
freezer, we put

our heads down to see what was left.
Venison remnants
from some bucks illegally shot. Now thatís
what Iíve got.

It was like someone died, and it was like I
inherited. It was
like there was a flock of belongings and I
flicked it.


Circa 1982, in a little Louisville neighborhood called Buechel, Jessica Farquhar learned how to write her name at the counter of Fanelliís, an ice cream parlor owned by her grandparents, which was regulared also by Muhammad Ali. You can find her work in recent or future issues of Diagram, Catch Up, Transom, Better: Culture & Lit, and Sycamore Review.